Ten Thousand Coins: The Golden Merchant is a story-rich strategy trading game where you will trade goods, earn coins, and unravel a riveting tale spanning two timelines as a forsaken fox merchant searches for her lost mentor.

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Barter and Earn Coins

Follow Viia as she embarks on their adventure into Grand Emperium to find her lost mentor.Dive into a storyline spanning different timelines. Your choices will have a direct impact from one timeline to another.Trade with a one-of-a-kind barter system. Barter goods directly with traders to earn a profit. Negotiate good deals, but be careful not to anger your traders.

Survive the Wilderness

Bandits and wild beasts are constantly eyeing your wagons.Enjoy turn-based combat with a merchant twist: each of your trading goods can be used in combat with its unique effects.Grab a crate, and throw it their way! Be sure to pick them back up though... they’re still valuable.

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